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This website now has information on over 2,100 individuals, most recently updated in late 2013. You can see my mother's family, including Precise, Frazier, Womack, and Willbanks, and also my wife's family including Bukley, Browder, and Newton. Most of the family info represented here is from Jackson and DeKalb counties in Alabama.

When I make enough progress, I'll add info for my dad's family (Klan and Stumpholl), which will be mostly from Prussia and the Bukovina region of what is now Romania. Additionally, I plan to upload some old photos I have available, along with scans of selected source documents. Eventually, I'd like to put together a cemetery listing/map and perhaps a user's guide or FAQ.

Contributions, Access, and Privacy

If you have site suggestions, database additions/corrections, or photos that I can use, please contact me. I try to maintain and present good source info for the entries in my database, so be sure and provide whatever documentation is available when offering changes. I'm very interested in new information and have recently received some wonderful input from site visitors (which has been incorporated into the database).

Guest visitors may freely browse records for deceased individuals without logging in. For family members who contact me and establish their relationship to individuals in the database, I will provide log-in credentials allowing you to see names (only) of living persons in one or more branches, and to see some family-related photo restorations I have done. If any living person wants their name to be invisible even to family members, let me know and I will take care of that. I want to protect the privacy of living individuals while still providing reasonable access to family researchers.

My Thanks

I'm appreciative of the help I've received from my wife Donna (Bukley) Klan, my mother Nancy (Precise) Klan, my 1st cousin once-removed Sybil (Bishop) Hinman, and DeLayne (Newsom) Etherton, who not only is my wife's 3rd cousin but is also married to my 5th cousin once-removed! The records and/or research developed over the years by these folks has proved invaluable as the "going gets tough."

I look forward to hearing from you (contact me). Thanks for taking a look at the site. ~Mark

Mark Klan
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Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Postcard of De Soto Falls, Mentone, Ala.
Circa 1945. Auburn University Libraries.
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