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I have just completed a significant update to the website (May 2017). There is now information provided on 2,346 individuals and 753 families, with 128 cited sources. You can see my mother's family, including Precise, Frazier, Womack, and Willbanks, and also my wife's family including Bukley, Browder, and Newton. Much of the family info presented here is connected to Jackson and DeKalb counties in Alabama.

Sadly, since the start of 2015, several people in my family have passed on, including my father Richard Klan, my Aunt Julia (Precise) Stoffer, my Uncle Chuck (Charles Luther Bunch), Lee (LeRoy) Hinman (husband of my cousin Sybil), plus three others that I know about.

Later in 2017, I'm planning to add information for my dad's family (Klan and Stumpholl), which will include people from Prussia and the Bukovina region of what is now Romania. After that, I hope to upload some old photos and source document scans.

Contributions, Access, and Privacy

If you have suggestions, corrections, or photos related to the families here, please contact me. Please try to provide whatever documentation you have available when offering changes. I'm very interested in new information and have received wonderful input from site visitors, for which I'm very grateful.

Guest visitors may freely browse records for deceased individuals without logging in. For family members who contact me, I will provide log-in credentials allowing you to see names (only) of living persons, and to see some family-related photo restorations. If any living person wants their name to be invisible even to family members, just let me know. I try to protect the privacy of living individuals while still providing reasonable access to family researchers.

My Thanks

I'm appreciative of the help I've received over the years from my wife Donna (Bukley) Klan, my mother Nancy (Precise) Klan, my wife's distant cousin DeLayne (Newsom) Etherton, and the late Sybil (Bishop) Hinman, my 1st cousin once-removed. Sybil's love of family and her enthusiasm for family history continue to be a source of inspiration.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for taking a look at the site. ~Mark

Mark Klan
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Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Postcard of De Soto Falls, Mentone, Ala.
Circa 1945. Auburn University Libraries.
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