Arkansas, United States



Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Merrie  Dec 1880Arkansas, United States I1480 msktree 
2 Buhrmister, Lillian R.  25 Jun 1899Arkansas, United States I384 msktree 
3 Houston, Sallie H.  Apr 1880Arkansas, United States I1815 msktree 
4 Houston, Thomas B.  Abt 1878Arkansas, United States I1663 msktree 
5 Jernigan, David  Nov 1857Arkansas, United States I482 msktree 
6 King, Willella  Abt 1902Arkansas, United States I2038 msktree 
7 Mason, Ula  May 1898Arkansas, United States I1481 msktree 
8 Newsom, John M.  Apr 1854Arkansas, United States I1835 msktree 
9 Treadway, Mary E.  1864Arkansas, United States I1535 msktree 
10 Warr, Louise  Abt 1904Arkansas, United States I2035 msktree 
11 Warr, Stella May  Abt 1909Arkansas, United States I2036 msktree 
12 Womack, Anna  Jul 1899Arkansas, United States I1313 msktree 
13 Womack, Cora E.  Abt 1910Arkansas, United States I1468 msktree 
14 Womack, Gracie  Oct 1893Arkansas, United States I1539 msktree 
15 Womack, Horace  Nov 1892Arkansas, United States I1310 msktree 
16 Womack, Otis E.  Mar 1894Arkansas, United States I1311 msktree 
17 Womack, William  Mar 1892Arkansas, United States I1538 msktree 
18 Womack, William  Sep 1896Arkansas, United States I1312 msktree 
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